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Spinning a new web

Pierce College will be updating its Leicester web design to be more user-friendly and consistent.

President Alexis Montevirgen said that Pierce has wanted to update its website for a while.

“Right now there are a lot of issues with our current website. It’s not as functional as it can be,” Montevirgen said.

Technology Committee Co-chair Edouard Tchertchian said the website will get a complete redesign. He also said members of the Pierce community will be able to provide feedback and suggest changes during the process.

“Students are a part of it. They’re being involved and a faculty should be a part of the user group as well,” Tchertchian said.

A vendor known as Sensis Agency has been contracted by the district to revamp the websites.

Department Chair of Performing Arts Michael Gend said the announcement for the website update was unexpected.

“It wasn’t on our agenda, but during announcements at our last Academic Policy meeting, Ryan Cornner, who’s the Vice Chancellor for the district, mentioned that the district just secured a contract for Sensis to revamp the websites of the whole district,” Gend said.

The other eight colleges in the LACCD will also be updating their websites. Montevirgen said that the new websites should have a sense of uniformity.

“I think that it will be helpful if we’re able to maintain some sort of consistency and brand, as they say, amongst the nine colleges so that we don’t seem as if, ‘so are you entirely separate from LA Valley?’ so on and so forth,” Montevirgen said.

Montevirgen said he isn’t sure when the new website will be released.

They had a timeline in place of how many months it would be in terms of the researching stage and getting the feedback from the different communities, and then a certain time frame in terms of how to develop a skeleton structure, sort of a mechanical structure for the websites,” Montevirgen said.

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