Con: Keep the aisles open

Con: Keep the aisles open

During quarantine people tend to get bored rather fast because there is only so much one can do.

Stores such as Target, Walmart and grocery stores have sections with essential and non-essential items. Closing down the non-essential items would be a bad idea for the stores as well as for the people who go to shop there.

These stores can’t simply close down their business or close down certain sections because there would be less room for social distancing, causing the potential for a faster spread of the virus if someone were to contract it.

During times like these, it is important to be cautious when entering a store and practicing social distancing. Many stores have enforced strict policies since the virus outbreak has certain customers worried about non-essential business, as well as non-essential products sold in their stores.

The economy is facing a problem and many businesses and stores are losing money instead of gaining money. If stores were to close certain areas of their place, then that would result in more loss of funds. reported that when the coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic, stores such as Costco, Walmart and Target were closing down non-essential aisles in Michigan.

As far as California, we have yet to see the stores close down items that are not considered non- essential.

People around the U.S. need ways to keep themselves occupied aside from eating and sleeping all day.

The stores are open to sell all their merchandise and a lot of people go in looking for new ways to keep themselves occupied during quarantine, so it would only make sense to keep all the aisles open to sell every item possible.

The virus can possibly be beaten in one way and that is by staying inside as much as possible.

However, while people are going to stores to shop for essential items, closing down aisles that simply sell items that are non-essential will do little to no difference because customers are still roaming the store.

The outbreak occurred mid-March and just recently Los Angeles county has extended the Stay at Home orders for three additional months.

As more stores are looking for ways to add some more protection, the closing down of sections in stores that are considered non-essential is not ideal.