Column: Let the athletes play

Column: Let the athletes play

Due to the pandemic, sports across the entire world have been put on pause or have seen their respective season come to an end. 

For several months, fans have seen reruns of past games or events depending on the sport they like.

As sports are slowly returning the question would be what would the logistics be?

Some countries have decided that outdoor activities can resume without fans. Germany and South Korea have resumed their soccer and baseball seasons respectively, while NASCAR also made its return.

The NCAA has sent guidelines for how colleges can resume their practices. For high schools, the National Federation of State High School Associations also sent requirements for returning to physical activity. 

Different administrators and presidents should also make the efforts to not let athletics go down the tube although some are considering that option. 

A simple solution could be for them to have their seasons without fans. Pepperdine University announced their preliminary plans and for sports they would be held with no spectators.

For student athletes and coaches, they should have their temperature checked like they do in the pros and should be tested if they don’t have the virus.

COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere until there is a vaccine or a medicine that takes it away. 

The ball is on their side of the field. Do the right thing and let the student athletes play, while taking the measures necessary for their safety.