BRIEF: Academic Senate

BRIEF: Academic Senate

Academic Senate members continued discussing its proposed Anti-systemic Racism Resolution on Sept. 28. 

The senate voted at the request of the Administration of Justice Department to remove wording in the proposal because several members argued that it singled out the department, according to political science professor Denise Robb, who was speaking on their behalf.

The portion of the proposal that was removed stated “an emphasis be placed on first-responders disciplines such as Administration of Justice.” 

The senate then voted to postpone votes and discussion halfway through the meeting after a motion was made by senate member Brian Pierson. 

Pierson said he received requests from other senate members who were unable to attend the meeting due to their observance of Yom Kippur.

In other senate news, Pierce College President Alexis Montevirgen gave an enrollment report, and said that as of Sept. 28, Pierce has a 93% headcount compared to last year and is at 89% compared to last year with a duplicate enrollment count of about 41,740. 

According to Montevirgen, Pierce has 2% more enrollment and headcount than the district’s average.

ASO Student President Jamie Crespin reported that the recent Club Rush, Constitution Day and Latino/Latina Heritage Month were successful. 

The next Academic Senate meeting will be on Oct. 12.