Column: Making America great

Column: Making America great

President Donald Trump was voted into office for being outspoken and different from a traditional politician. 

With an impactful term as president, Trump has gained some of the most loyal followers during the re-election campaign despite losing.

His term as president was based on upholding his values and pushing the boundaries of what he thought was possible. His impact as president has been felt throughout the world.

He has single-handedly turned his campaign into one of the most recognizable brands, earning millions of dollars for his re-election campaign.

For example, “Make America great again” is a slogan recognized by many. 

The Center for Public Integrity in partnership with Public Radio International describes how Trump’s merchandise has contributed to his campaigns. 

According to Bentley Hensel, president of a political e-commerce firm, 30% of the Trump campaign’s contributions during 2017 and 2018 could have come from merchandise sales.

One important factor which contributed to Trump’s success were his devout and loyal followers. 

During the pandemic, his supporters have shown their unwavering faith for him by showing up to support him when he was staying at the Walter Reed Memorial Hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. 

His followers have also hosted rallies amid the pandemic to show support for the president while he was running his re-election campaign.

Associated Press reporter John Seewer wrote that these rallies and demonstrations of solidarity between supporters reflect Trump’s public appeal and help bring in voters.

Patriot Churches, which belong to a Christian nationalist movement, is a prime example of Trump appealing to conservatives.

Sarah Pulliam Bailey, religion reporter for the Seattle Times, wrote about how Trump’s supporters gather in Patriot Churches and prayed for him to win re-election.

Trump’s Christian values align with citizens who believe America should remain a Christian country. His ideologies have welcomed the beliefs of Christians and given them a home, which has positively affected his support.

During his term as president, Trump has created a legacy, the remaking of the federal judiciary. 

Cristian Farias wrote in the Atlantic how Trump, with the help of Senator Mitch McConnell, has seated more appeals-court judges than any other president since Jimmy Carter.

Although controversial and outspoken, Trump’s re-election campaign proves how loyal his followers are and how much power his words have.