Column: Sigh of relief

Column: Sigh of relief

The 2020 presidential election has ended with Joe Biden being declared as the next president of the United States of America. 

This election was slow but suspenseful. Once you saw a candidate win a state you were either filled with excitement or disappointment. 

Biden winning was a sigh of relief because I couldn’t stand Donald Trump in office or tolerate his radical supporters much longer. 

In 2016, I was a sophomore in high school, and when I saw Trump beat Clinton I was upset and worried about the future of our country.  

I am happy Biden won this election. The wait was a long one and I was not patient enough. 

Seeing states be blue and red was eerie for me. I was hoping Texas and Florida would have turned blue this election year, but Texas and Florida stay the same as they have before in the 2016 elections. 

Watching Trump win sections of the midwest and chunks in the mountains states kept me on the edge of my seat. 

The southern states stayed red as always, while California, New England and Hawaii stayed  blue keeping this election balanced. 

I went to bed during this election and woke up to Biden winning Wisconsin and Michigan, and I couldn’t believe Biden won these states. 

Then it was announced the polls were closed and I was hoping the mail-in ballots were a last shot for a Biden victory. 

Biden was six electoral votes away from 270, and Nevada was his one-way ticket to victory. 

I was waiting for Nevada to call Biden’s victory. But suddenly Pennsylvania and Georgia turned blue. How can this be? The mail-in ballots. 

Pennsylvania made Biden the winner and I celebrated. The election is not over yet as Georgia and North Carolina have not finished counting ballots. 

I will be honest, the candidate that I wanted to face Trump wasn’t Biden. I wanted Andrew Yang or Senator Bernie Sanders, maybe even Pete Buttigieg. 

Mostly Sanders for his policy about universal healthcare. 

Right now, I am settling for Biden and hopefully he makes me take back my choice of not wanting him to be the Democratic presidential nominee. 

Personally, I believe Biden will take us back on track and be the president to fix Trump’s mistakes and errors. 

Everyone is divided on Biden winning, mainly Republican voters. I think Biden will prove those who didn’t vote for him wrong. 

I am happy that Trump is out of office, but I hope we are on the path to putting back the “united” part back in the United States of America.