Pierce should continue to bridge the technology gap

Pierce should continue to bridge the technology gap

As COVID-19 impacts students, there still is a divide between those who have access to computers and software and those who don’t.

Students need internet access to complete their school work and continue their education, but some can’t afford it.

Pierce offered curbside pickup for Chromebooks and Surface Pros in spring, but the orders were delayed, affecting many students. 

Pierce should continue these services for as long as campus is closed. 

According to USAFacts, “4.4 million household children don’t have consistent access to computers for online learning during the pandemic.”

The pandemic made it difficult for students to stay motivated, and many have given up on academic success. Combined with missing social activities such as prom, stress and depression are on the rise. 

“More than half the students who responded to the survey said they’re in need of mental health support since the school closures began in mid-March,” according to a story by EdSource. “That includes 22% who said they were receiving some kind of support before the closures but now have limited or no access to those services and an additional 32% who said their mental health needs have arisen since schools closed.”

According to the LA Times, “More than 32,000 students withdrew from classes in spring 2020, compared with about 27,000 in spring 2019 — a 17% increase.”

Pierce should continue to actively remedy accessibility issues for their students. The results would lead to better academic success and mental health for their student body. As long as students are unable to come to campus, student mental health likely will continue to deteriorate.