Community growth for a bargain

Community growth for a bargain

Pierce College holds the Topanga Vintage Market for independent vendors to sell goods to the community the fourth Sunday of every month. The market attracts 2,200 to 3,400 shoppers, according to their website.

But to be a vendor at the event there is a fee of $75 or more, and they must bring a  set-up along with items that will be for sale.

For many students, acquiring things that are trendy or impulse purchases is a common occurrence.

Pierce should host a student garage sale to minimize waste and to create a more lively student life and campus experience. Students could sell textbooks, clothes, decor and items that they don’t need or want.  

Niagara University hosts a yearly community garage sale program called “2 Good 2 Toss,” which raised $1,800 for student outreach programs. The program began in 2012 to keep students and faculty from throwing away or leaving behind items that are still in good condition. 

Since its establishment, the event has raised $12,000 for student outreach programs and for the community.

Pierce could follow Niagara’s lead and host the event once a semester. Money could be collected to be donated to a different organization or to fund different on campus events. Students pay Associated Student Organization (ASO) fees every semester, so the ASO could sponsor the event.

Universities across the country hold similar events. The University of Missouri hosts an event called the Tiger Treasures Rummage Sale, Yale University hosts a Spring Salvage and  University of Puget Sound holds Grizz’s Garage Sale.

University of San Diego’s event is open to the surrounding community, but only students and faculty can be vendors.

Community colleges tend to have a quick turnaround of students because of transfers and graduations. It also leaves little room or time for a sense of community among students. 

A garage sale event will allow students to find vintage items, reduce waste and build a stronger sense of community.