Pro: Setting a sleep schedule

Pro: Setting a sleep schedule

With piles of school assignments and exams, it’s easy for students to forget about getting the proper rest they might need. To combat the stress, students should make a strong effort to create personalized sleep schedules to enhance the quality of their day to day schedules. 

The benefits of having a routine include being more focused in school or work, having a healthier heart and feeling more refreshed than before. And with a wide variety of many different sleep aids, setting a routine will feel like a breeze.

For example, there are sleep therapy machines that relax the brain by making different noises like ocean sounds and white noise. Other aids include essential oils and cooling or heated blankets.

The entire process of finding an efficient sleep schedule that works well may seem like it can be a difficult journey, but in the long run will be beneficial. Making a sleep schedule is especially important for college students to succeed within the realm of their academic career.  

It is a common misconception that people retain more information if they just stay up to study the night away. However, they actually wouldn’t be able to retain any information because sleep is one of the prime ingredients that the brain needs to function properly.

Also, studies have shown that insufficient sleep is a common side effect of problems happening with one’s mental health. 50% of insomnia cases can stem from the result of depression, anxiety, or stress. 

Sleep deprivation can also be a contributing factor to the development and onset of certain mental health conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and ADHD.  

When the quality or quantity of our sleep suffers, so does our mental health. An example of this would be having low energy, trouble concentrating and difficulty with memory after sleeping less than normal. 

Students should set a schedule and allow themselves to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night, so that they can function properly.  A good tip would be to replace the habit of scrolling through a phone with a more relaxing activity that would slow the brain down, such as practicing different yoga stances or reading a book while listening to some quiet music.  

At the end of the day, sleep is crucial and should be held on a high pedestal in order to keep a healthy lifestyle.