Parking lot flicks

With the resurgence of popularity for drive-in movie theaters in 2020, it’s hard not to feel a sense of deja vu. 

The affinity people have towards these 1920 novelties would make it easy for Pierce College to take the opportunity to organize a drive-in cinema.

CNN said a local diner in New York started a drive-in theater to raise money for charity. 

The owner, Kal Dellaportas, said that the tickets sold out within three minutes when they first started. Dellaportas also said they had more than 500 attempts to purchase the tickets within that time frame.

Holding an outdoor cinema event would also benefit other local businesses. Pierce could invite food trucks and have them bring purchases to the people in their vehicles. 

To save confusion, parking spaces would be numbered to make ordering easier. The school could also sell snacks this way, which would raise funds while keeping everyone safe. It would be an ideal solution to raise money for the school.

But money is not the only thing Pierce would be raising.

A study from USC reports that L.A. County residents experienced higher levels of COVID-19 related depression and anxiety. Having a nostalgic distraction would help raise the spirits of a community heavily hit by the pandemic.

In a National Geographic article, psychology professor at Le Moyne College Krystine Batcho said that revisiting the past is a natural response.

“Generally people find comfort in nostalgia during times of loss, anxiety, isolation or uncertainty,” Batcho said.

A sense of normalcy would benefit the community and provide a light during these somewhat dark times.