Pierce college should increase outreach to support students

Last year, CSUN launched “YOU,” an online well-being platform that assists students in reaching both academic and personal success. 

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit and colleges were forced to shut their classrooms, the Klotz Student Health Center decided to initiate this program as a way to support students virtually. 

The platform is divided into three main areas: Success, Thrive and Matter. Success refers to helping students achieve their academic paths. Thrive focuses on improving personal well-being, both physically and mentally. Finally, Matter looks to aid your social connections and find purpose in the community. 

YOU is also customizable for each student. In YOU, you are able to take daily mental health checks that identify your areas of strength and weakness. In addition, you can create a set of goals you would like to accomplish, separated by the subcategories well-being, health, de-stress, sleep, fitness and nutrition. 

Overall, it’s an online community that allows students to stay connected and supported from home. 

While Pierce remains online, the Student Health Center could incorporate this type of virtual program for students. 

Currently, the Student Health Center offers individual and group counseling for students, where you can meet with a psychotherapist for 45 minutes.

Although it is a great support system for students, it eventually becomes difficult and time consuming, and appointments are often limited to six times a semester. 

The effort to attend and schedule an appointment may be challenging, so students may become discouraged or too busy to even reach out for help. For those reasons, launching a platform like YOU would prove to be helpful to many individuals on campus. 

First, it should be made convenient. Students should be able to access it anytime and anywhere, whether it be through a mobile device or computer. Like YOU, it should also be customizable. The program should be catered to a student’s particular needs and interests, and it should assist them by whatever means necessary.

Pierce is supporting students online, but it’s impossible to reach out and accommodate every student. By creating something like YOU, students can have easier access to support.