Voting in the Valley

Voting in the Valley

Pierce College held an 11 day voting center on campus for the recall election of Governor Gavin Newsom.

The center, which is held in the Faculty and Staff 600 Building on campus, opened on Sept. 4 and will close today at 7 p.m.

Pierce is one out of five Los Angeles Community College District colleges that allow eligible and registered voters to either drop off or cast ballots at the center, according to a press release from the LACCD. 

Voters from various cities and of all ages each had a different experience at the voting center.

Robert Knight, a Reseda resident, said that he loves the voting center because it was a simple process which made it a great experience. He said that having the voting center is beneficial to the community because it is close and he no longer has to go to a specific precinct. 

“When you come into the voting center they will sign you in using your ballot card or they will check your address,” Knight said. “Once that’s all verified they give you your ballot to take to the machine and make your selections.”

Knight said that the voting center is so convenient because voters can come when they want to within the dates and times provided which he said is definitely a benefit to the community. 

Maryanne Greenberg, an Encino resident, said that she had no problem with the voting center, but a problem with the machines. 

“In terms of that, that does not impact me not coming here again,” Greenberg said. “I always try to vote in person, but I would rather vote with a paper ballot than this.” 

Katayoun Kavoussi, a Reseda resident, said everyone inside was wearing masks and were provided with sanitizing wipes, but felt that the safety precautions were not overbearing. Kavoussi also said that having new voting machines felt a bit intimidating.

California State University Northridge student Kayla Hardy said the voting center did well by keeping it safe and clean for voters. She said her experience went smoothly because all safety measures were taken into account for COVID-19. 

“They got me checked in and I did have some issues because my address was not showing up at first,” Hardy said. “They figured it out really smoothly, and then I just used the casting ballot machine.”

Hardy said the casting ballot machine is very efficient and updated technology. She said the voting center was easy to navigate with all the signs which helped her figure out where to enter. 

Hardy also said that there are many neighborhoods around the voting center, which is why it is beneficial because it is a location that a lot of people know about.

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