More color on the campus

More color on the campus

When walking around the Pierce College campus, there is an abundance of flourishing trees, plants and other botanicals. 

But there is a noticeable shortage of color and artwork. 

This is something that can easily be remedied with the help of artistic students. 

Utility art programs are extremely popular in California, and Pierce College can join this trend. 

The college can use this opportunity to combine artwork, culture and education, and also add a bit of beauty to things that are typically mundane, such as the utility boxes. 

Murals on college campuses can be used to show support for social movements, such as the Black Lives Matter mural at Davidson College in North Carolina. 

In addition to public commentary on political and social movements, a variety of themes can be expressed through the murals. Sustainability at Colorado State University Spur, the meaning of community at Anoka-Ramsey Community College and college ideals at University of Alabama, Birmingham. 

The Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center at UCLA has also initiated an art project called “Our Environment,Our Health,” which looks to use traffic signal cabinets on campus as canvases to raise awareness for three topics — climate change, health and well-being. 

For the project, Pierce College administration can assign certain utility boxes or wall spaces to be painted. Pierce art students and local artists or alumni who are interested could submit designs.

The financial cost for administration would be relatively low as they would only be required to provide a stipend for additional art supplies. For reference, the Sherman Oaks Chamber Foundation provides a $350-$450 grant depending on the size of the area that will be painted. 

After a difficult period for students, Pierce should strongly consider livening the spirits of students, staff and community through art.


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