Pro: Trick-or-treating A-OK

Pro: Trick-or-treating A-OK

As the weather gets colder and pumpkin spice everything is a must, many begin to anticipate trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Despite the pandemic, people should still participate in the spooky holiday. Handing out candy or going door to door is a tradition that can still be celebrated in a safe manner.

If certain guidelines were set, Halloween could be COVID-19 free. People can continue to social distance and sanitize just like how they do in the supermarket, amusement park or mall.

This holiday is a time when people can express themselves in a way that they can’t everyday. Considering how wearing masks hides facial expressions, trick-or-treating and creative costumes could bring back the exciting emotions and smiles to people.

According to an article by USA Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has allowed for children worldwide to participate in trick-or-treating this year. It is best to stay in small groups rather than large ones to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As a trick-or-treater walks to the home of a candy giver, they could yell out the famous words “trick or treat” rather than knock or ring a doorbell. Individual bags of candy could be placed on a table where trick-or-treaters can grab from a distance and go. Hand sanitizer would also be a great item to have at hand for everyone to use.

Vaccinated or not, adults and children continue to live their everyday lives despite some changes. The average market can have over one hundred people. This means that trick-or-treaters can choose wisely and decide what is safe for them and those around them.

A choice can be made to shop online but people still choose to also shop in stores. People can still choose to trick or treat in a safe manner and purchase costumes in store.

According to CNN, Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen said it is safe to go trick-or-treating this year. She said that her neighbors are making creative alternatives for candy distribution. One idea she shared was a scavenger hunt where trick-or-treaters can find their own bag of candy in the candy giver’s front yard.

It would be ideal to trick-or-treat as a group with individuals from the same household, but if a small friend group is fully vaccinated it should be okay to get together.

Bags of candy should be checked after trick-or-treating is over to ensure that no candy is open. This will prevent the spread of germs consumed by the person.

Many people want to show off their creative special effects makeup, but now people can show off their crafting skills to create a unique mask that helps put their costume together.

Just like the holiday, it is all about getting creative and coming up with different ways to make it safe for everyone. Once that is accomplished, the anticipation is over and Halloween can be celebrated

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