Con: Where’s my Freedom?

Con: Where’s my Freedom?

The pandemic has been a tremendous game-changer when it comes to the way we live our lives. 

Whether it be social interaction, financial stability or political participation, COVID-19 forced us into quarantine and altered our perceptions and values. 

The vaccine has been a great implication of restoration of our society and normal life, yet the vaccine mandate to be able to attend indoor venues has been pushed to the point of controversy. 

According to USA Today, the L.A. City Council approved the vaccine mandate and requirement of proof of vaccination starting Nov. 4 for attending indoor venues and institutions with the vote of 11-2. 

The approval would require individuals 12 and older to be fully vaccinated to be able to go inside public buildings such as restaurants, gyms, stadiums and shopping malls. 

USA Today reported that 69% of Los Angeles County’s ten million residents are fully vaccinated, yet the authorization is being implemented to reduce exposure and spread of COVID-19. 

What happened to social distancing? What happened to masks? Some argue that being required to get the vaccine is something they are not comfortable with and deem it unconstitutional.

The Los Angeles Times interviewed UCLA anesthesiologists Dr. Christopher B. Rake about his opposing view on the vaccine mandate. Upon establishing an anti-vaccination organization called Citizens United for Freedom, the LA Times quoted Rake in a video made at a protest.

“They want to force a vaccination or medication or treatment into my body that I don’t want,” Rake said. “So they’re telling me, ‘Take the jab or we take your job.’ And I’m here to say no. That’s not ok.”

Others take a parental standpoint against the vaccine mandate being enforced within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

According to Fox News, the LAUSD has had more than 27,000 students drop enrollment within the 2021 school year in order to avoid receiving the vaccine. Fox reports the dropped enrollment as the “sharpest decline in years”, with about 4% compared to an average 2% annual drop before the pandemic hit. 

The vaccine mandate has made many people feel unsafe. Some feel the mandate is targeting small and private businesses, while others believe it is an attack of personal freedom and rights.

International broadcasting network Voice of America (VOA) reported backlash from Republicans on the generalized vaccine mandate made by President Joe Biden. The network quoted Republican Missouri Gov. Mike Parson and his opposing views. 

“Vaccination protects us from serious illness, but the decision to get vaccinated is a private health care decision that should remain as such,” Parson said. “My administration will always fight back against federal power grabs and government overreach that threatens to limit our freedoms.” 

The vaccine has sparked debate on what is a federal problem, what is a state problem and what is a personal problem. Requiring vaccination should not be a decision made by those who cannot fill another one’s shoes, and trusting that they have the authority goes against personal freedom and liberty. 

Imposition on another’s life and what they deem is good for them will always receive adverse reactions. No one knows you better than you know yourself. 

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