Feed me suggestions

Feed me suggestions

Pierce College should aspire to be a reflection of the many hardworking students, faculty and staff who roam campus grounds on a daily basis.

The simplest way of being more like the community surrounding it is to listen to those who see the potential of the campus by providing a digital and physical suggestion box.

This would allow students, faculty, staff and guests the ability to give feedback and proposals to improve campus life.

The digital form of the box has been implemented at other colleges in California and will provide a sure way for individuals to communicate with administrators at Pierce.

Los Angeles City College has a digital suggestion box. It also gives the person filling out the sheet the level of importance of the suggestion, making it easier to filter through urgent and non-urgent ones.  

The digital form also asks if the person filling it out will need a personal response, allowing the administrators to get elaboration on suggestions, provide reasons for why the change hasn’t been implemented and give updates on the feedback. 

Bakersfield College’s suggestion box asks for more clarity on the submission, specifically on the area of that recommendation. It also asks who might need to be informed about the proposal to get it to the right people.

Pierce can simply introduce this change by adding a form to the website and by providing a place in the Student Services building for letters.

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