Don’t shop, adopt!

Don’t shop, adopt!

Life might be “ruff” for students and homeless pets, but there might be a way to make both groups happier.

Pierce College should start hosting monthly pet adoption events in spaces such as the Farm Center or one of the many vacant parking lots on campus.

Organizing animal adoption events at school would not only help homeless pets find loving homes, but could also help increase student engagement. Students can have the chance to visit their campus for the first time as they look at pets for adoption.

Pierce could offer volunteer opportunities to interested students to help the cost remain low. After training, students could aid professionals in caring for and handling the animals during their adoption process. 

Pierce could easily promote this event with banners posted throughout the school and surrounding neighborhoods. Weekends would be the best time for an adoption event as families visit the campus on Sundays for children’s soccer games. The school could also spread information through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, allowing various pets to find a new friendly family. 

Adoption events on campus would be a great opportunity for Pierce to promote its Veterinary Technology services as people adopt new pets to be spayed and neutered. Students and visitors on campus may also be interested in the clinics and services that Veterinary Technology offers for their pets at home. 

It is rare to find colleges that offer pet adoptions on campus though Pierce College Puyallup, Washington hosts an annual pet adoption event during National Pet Week. This school has Veterinary Technology Program students run the adoption tables and designate specific times for each person interested in looking at a pet. They have all their animals vaccinated, microchipped, spayed and neutered, so the only fee the new pet owners pay is a $20 ownership fee for each animal they adopt. 

Pierce can help these animals find their “fur-ever” homes.

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