Fans in the stands

Fans in the stands

Student athletes are missing valuable experiences and memories by not being able to play in front of crowds. 

Social media posts state that spectators are not allowed at indoor events, but the bleachers have reopened at volleyball games and some family members have been present.

Regardless of the current confusion, Pierce should make it clear that fans are allowed to attend indoor sporting events on campus. 

Both high school and youth sports allow for spectators at indoor events in Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles Department of Health’s protocol for organized youth sports, spectators are allowed at indoor events as long as they wear masks and do not have any COVID symptoms.

There are other precautions Pierce can take for fans to stay safe while attending games. 

They could have screening with the “Clear Pass” for all spectators to enter the gym. This would include having proof of a negative covid test or vaccination. 

They could also put up signage to remind spectators to social distance and to wear their masks. 

For student athletes, having their families and supporters in the stands can have an impact on their performance. 

It is important for the development of the student athletes to be put into an environment where there may be added pressure by having people watching and rooting for or against them. 

By not being able to have people in the stands they are also missing out on being able to be seen by professional or collegiate scouts. 

It is important for scouts to see student athletes play in person because it gives them an opportunity to see how players conduct themselves on and off the court, as opposed to seeing video clips of them and not getting to know the player. 

 Players and their families are also missing out on potential lifetime memories that could be made. If a player was to have a great game or make an amazing play, their families would not be able to be there and experience that moment together. 

With 18 months of pandemic protocol, there is enough information to be able to have people safely in the stands at games. There is no excuse for Pierce to not allow spectators at indoor sporting events. 


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