Pro: Going away for college

Pro: Going away for college

As this semester comes to an end, many Pierce College students are submitting their college applications. It can be difficult to decide where to apply, so students should not limit themselves to local areas, and instead understand that a new setting could make for a healthy fresh start in life.

Some students plan to travel out of state once they graduate from a university. What they tend to forget is that there are many opportunities to travel out of state for college. This means not only would the student be getting an education, but they will also get the chance to explore and be independent. 

The idea of living in a dorm sounds so exciting, but what it also does is create responsibility that all students should take on and learn from considering college offers support to students during this most important part of their life. 

According to an article on the College Raptor website, some colleges have scholarships and tuition waivers to enhance a students desire to attend their university.

While applications can be difficult to navigate without help, students still manage to complete them in time for the due date.

But for those who are applying for the first time, it can be nerve wracking. Once it is complete though, students should see it as another learned skill. This is all part of becoming an independent person. 

By going to college out of state, students can have a fresh start. Meeting new people can grow confidence and students can make new friendships. Being away from what someone has known all their life can help them find out who they really are without the opinions of family or others a student cares about. 

Many know that California has many job opportunities, but with that comes a lot of competition. Opportunities out of state are still available and involve less competition. 

Some may look at being away from family and friends as a negative to going away for college, but it is actually a positive. 

Even when a person moves out of their parents house, they tend to have better relationships with their parents afterwards. Still being in the same state might still give the parents the authority to give their opinion on certain things which is okay, but the goal is to grow independence. 

Some students change their major while they are away, because it might not have been what the student wanted but what the parent wanted. Parents try to make sure their child always makes the right choice, but messing up sometimes can actually teach lessons and mold people into better humans. 

Whether it be going out of state to New York or Arizona, a student can experience life away from their home town and figure out what they really want for themselves. Being homesick is a normal reaction to being in a new setting, but it can make the student realize how much they need a change for themselves to no longer be dependent on others. 

College is the first step to growing into a young adult, but moving out of state for college is the first step to growing into one’s true self.

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