Busy, busy bookstore

Busy, busy bookstore

As the new semester begins the bookstore is overwhelmed with helping students get the materials they need with the 60% less amount of employees they have now compared to last semester. 

Students waiting to receive school supplies stand outside of the bookstore, creating a long line that at times extends outside the building.

Pierce College could devise plans to make transactions more efficient to get students in and out of the store quickly.

West Los Angeles College allows students to pick up their books at a roll-up window in front of their college store. 

A solution could be to move the bookstore to another location on campus where a small drive-thru could be made to offer a quick purchase. Selling one-third of the textbooks in the library also could help reduce the long lines at the bookstore. 

California State University Northridge offers curbside pick-up Monday to Friday (10 a.m.-2 p.m.). Students can pre-order their items online then follow the instructions. They also have designated curbside stalls that do not interfere with the flow of the school parking. Upon arrival, they must call in advance to confirm their order. 

According to TheMillions website, many colleges and universities libraries across the country sell books that were donated. Instead of involving money by selling the donations, they can be re-donated to students who need them for that semester on a first-come first-serve basis. Students borrow the books and return them at the end of the semester. 

Clark College allows students to do in-store pick-up by appointment only. They offer a free service to order books on their website and they have to wait two business days for the order to process. Walk-ins and unscheduled visits are not allowed. A matching I.D. must be presented at the appointment to get the book. They do allow friends or family to pick up the order as long as their name was stated in the order comments. 

Pierce could send out an order confirmation email to the student’s Los Angeles Community College District email. 

An article from the World Economic Forum estimated that 23% of the population purchased an e-book last year and 45% purchased a printed book. This shows that printed books are here to stay and that e-books are not always the best solution or alternative to buy a textbook. 

Finally, by offering these alternatives and solutions, it will create a more comfortable environment for staff members and students. Purchasing at the Pierce Bookstore can be faster, and staff members can have an easier time helping students find what they need. 

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