Continuing the legacy

Continuing the legacy

It is not uncommon for two family members to work with each other in the same workspace.

But when a young man is stepping onto the same diamond where his grandfather once excelled, there’s added pressure to carry the tradition. 

Max Lyons, the grandson of former Pierce Athletic Director and baseball coach Robert “Bob” Lyons, is no exception. Max Lyons has taken a position on the Brahmas’ baseball team as a catcher. He graduated from Calabasas High School in 2019 before attending Pierce.

“It’s an experience to be playing for my grandfather’s school,” Max Lyons said. “It has taught me to be humble and be the best that I can be as an athlete and as a person.”

Max Lyons is a freshman at Pierce College. He is unsure of his major, but the college has placed him as a social and behavioral sciences student.

Max Lyons said that his expectations this season are to win games and make the playoffs.

As of today, Max Lyons has made three plate appearances, going one for three with a .333 batting average and one run batted in (RBI). In one of those appearances, Max Lyons was a pitcher in a blowout loss versus Palomar on Feb. 17.

Max Lyons’s batting average is currently the second-highest in the team for the 2021-22 season, following utility player Nick Alfaro with a batting average of 1.000.

Pierce’s head baseball coach Bill Picketts said that he did not know Max Lyons was the grandson of Bob Lyons.

“I actually found out from his teammates firsthand,” Picketts said. “I was very humbled to have found out this information.”

Picketts hopes Pierce can make a playoff appearance, but wants to focus on the team’s morale.

“I want the team to be better as people and as a team,” Picketts commented. “Even though we have had our difficulties, we’re making the most of it.”

Picketts previously said the team has had problems with practicing because of the field’s poor condition, causing players to be injured.

Despite the field’s condition, this has not stopped them from practicing at Joe Kelly Field.

Like Picketts, Max Lyons’ teammates were also taken by surprise by his background.

“I just learned about this,” Pierce outfielder Sean Power said. “Max is a hard worker, and I think it’s good that he played where his grandfather played.”

Power said that he wants to compete every day and for the team to be looked at, as well as make a name for Pierce.