Book it to the Library

Book it to the Library

The COVID-19 pandemic is gradually improving, and more students have returned to in-person learning. 

But students who started classes at Pierce College might not be familiar with what services the Library has to offer.

The Library should hold a book fair on campus and have an information tent to tell students about their online database and their One Book, One Campus program.

They could also partner up with the local Ten Dollar or Less Bookstore and have the students from the Performing Arts department hold outdoor entertainment. 

According to an article on the Daily Bruin, when University of California Los Angeles before the pandemic hosted an annual LA Times Festival of Books, it brought together about 140,000 literary fans each spring, including students and local residents.

The book fair could be like the Festival of Books, but on a smaller scale. It could be held either on the Mall or Parking Lot 7.

Pierce could also invite local food trucks and vendors from around the Valley. 

Each of the booths could have books related to different departments at Pierce. For example, music books could be placed at the Performing Arts Department booth. That way, everyone at Pierce has the opportunity to be involved.

The college could encourage students to visit each booth by creating a stamp card. If a student gets to each booth, they would earn a gift card to either the Student Store or the Ten Dollar or Less Bookstore.

As for COVID-19 precautions, spectators should still be required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status, and each booth should at least have a bottle of hand sanitizer ready. 

Holding a book fair would be a great opportunity for both student and community engagement, and it would help book lovers across the San Fernando Valley turn to a new chapter in the pandemic.

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