Creative outlet with jewelry classes

Creative outlet with jewelry classes

Providing a class as an art form would help attract new students to campus and provide another artistic outlet at the school.

Instead of spending money on increasingly expensive items, having classes can enhance creativity and save them money by allowing them to make the jewelry they want.

According to an online article from The New York Times, instructor Jeanette Canes from the Jewelry Art’s Institute said creativity cannot be taught, it is unlocked through discovery.

“As much as anything, studying ancient crafts is about learning humility and patience,” Canes said. 

Pierce College could encourage students to take jewelry classes who are interested but don’t have the supplies.

Students could have a jewelry showing with booths at the Art gallery or on the Mall by the end of the semester so families and the Pierce community could admire their work. 

According to an online article from Jewelry Making Journal, jewelry instructor Michelle Buettner said taking classes helped her with the tools students need to succeed after finishing her course.

“When teaching jewelry classes, one important asset that allows you to stand out from another instructor who may be teaching a similar class, is your ability to give your students ‘more,’” Buettner said. 

The world of art is wide-ranging and many students want to explore all of its options. Pierce could help meet this goal. 

Santa Ana College and California State University Long Beach offers Jewelry classes where they focus on fabrications, jewelry casting, etching, sawing, and soldering. Pierce College offering a class can teach students to create their own jewelry and start a small business and sell their artwork.

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