Welcoming summer with watercolor fun

Welcoming summer with watercolor fun

With COVID-19 restrictions lifting and warm weather approaching, it is a great time to bring the Pierce College community together and enjoy the outdoors. 

Pierce could host an outdoor watercolor painting event for the community and for students to de-stress. 

The event could be hosted at Rocky Young Park on a weekend morning or afternoon. Tables for painting could be set up, or people could bring blankets and sit on the grass. It could be hosted right before spring finals week or after finals week as a way for students to relax. Admission could be free. 

Arizona State University held an hour-long outdoor watercolor event. Watercolor sets were provided and students were encouraged to invite friends. 

Pierce’s Art Department could provide such supplies for this event or students could bring supplies from home. 

Los Angeles City College held a two-hour watercolor painting session for students. The instructor of this class taught concepts, including color theory, brush strokes and blending techniques. 

Pierce art professors or local artists could volunteer and give novice painters tips. Pierce could have a selection of coloring pages for attendees to paint. 

There could also be tables or areas dedicated to freestyle watercolor painting where there is no instructor. People would have the chance to paint whatever they like, without any guidance or direction. 

CSUN held a “Paint and Sip Night,” where people gathered on Zoom to paint with each other and sip coffee and tea. There were painting tutorials held during this Zoom session. 

Pierce could invite food trucks to this event or have a table with some snacks for purchase. Attendees could also bring snacks and eat them at the cafeteria while they wait for their art to dry. 

At the end of the day, people could take their artwork home or Pierce could display it on campus for a couple of days. They could hang artwork along the Mall or have a bulletin board near the cafeteria showcasing the art from the event. 

A watercolor painting event would encourage students to use their creativity and imagination, bring the community together and add color to the campus. 

The art could beautify the campus while students end spring on a creative note.

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