Bring back the spooktacular decorations

Bring back the spooktacular decorations

Several carved pumpkins are displayed as Halloween decorations in Los Angeles, Calif., on Oct. 30, 2020. Photo by Katya Castillo.

The spooky season is in full swing, but it doesn’t seem like it at Pierce College.

One year ago, the campus was empty due to COVID-19.

Now that students have returned, it would be fun to put up decorations to bring in the Halloween spirit. 

Such as decorating the Bull with a pumpkin or the library with ghosts.  Aside from bringing energy to campus, studies have shown students feel more comfortable in class.

According to The Plaid Press, “Decorations in a teacher’s classroom can help create an engaging learning environment for students.”

Professors should be encouraged to decorate their classrooms if they choose to. 

Professors could decorate their doors and around their classrooms with handmade or store-bought decorations.

But one problem Pierce might argue is the cost.

If the school doesn’t want to fund it, it’s fine. There will always be students in clubs that would do it just to make the school look better. 

ASO could sponsor a decoration day and have people make them.

You can also ask students who want to help to make decorations. You can also have graphic design students practice their skills. It’s an exercise/project for students and doesn’t cost Pierce anything.

Another idea can be that the Farm Center could help make a scarecrow. 

It would also make sense to hold a pumpkin carving competition at Pierce since it already is hosting a costume competition. 

Not too long ago, Pierce used to have a Halloween Harvest Festival with a corn maze, haunted hayride, and other attractions.

So why can’t we go back to those days and bring the holiday spirit back?

In doing all these activities, students will have the opportunity to meet each other, make new friends, and express themselves creatively.