Pro: Social media is essential

Pro: Social media is essential

Photo illustration of a phone with social media apps at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif., on Monday, Oct. 10, 2022. Photo by Raquel G. Frohlich.

When seeing the words social media, does self-absorption, inadequacy, or fear of missing out come to mind? 

This will take a shift in perspective but, what if social media helped challenge any limited beliefs to live a better life?

An article by Amy Roeder, writer for Harvard School of Public Health, assessed the emotional connection of users to social media platforms and routine use to determine that using social media improves the user’s well being and mental health.

Social media is more than just a platform for selfies, promoting and selling business services or products.

For some, social media can be a hub for connection, healing, inspiration, and motivation.

“Social media may provide individuals with a platform that overcomes barriers of distance and time, allowing them to connect and reconnect with others and thereby expand and strengthen their in-person networks and interactions,” Roeder shares. 

Knowledge is power, and social media is helping many learn new trades, how to attain wealth, how to cook, and the list goes on. 

Emma Bonney, writer for Stanford University, details studies done that show young people see social media as a credible source of information.She says in her article that people can “learn valuable knowledge through social media” and “have insights on the topics that interest them, and establish connections with people who share the same interests”

To find a community that shares like interests or are in a position that one strives to achieve can be the catalyst for an incredible life transformation. 

The days of watching television to receive news has become less appealing for some. Social media has become a place where fast clips are easily accessible. 

“One of the largest industries that social media has had an effect on is news and journalism.  Since, the internet is now the fastest and easiest way to get news, print media is diminishing and publications are being forced to post their articles online,” Admin for says. 

Attention spans are dwindling, and news has been recently criticized for broadcasting fear based and heartbreaking stories.

Social media provides news with many options to choose to from. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. 

Let social media be the catalyst for growth, wealth, and longevity.