Con: We don’t need a holiday to change

Con: We don’t need a holiday to change

The time  has come, where one realizes another year has ended and another is soon to follow.

For some, this becomes a catalyst for transformational shift, and for others, this becomes a promise they cannot keep— the promise of a radical change for the better, a promise to help one grow and flourish. 

After the first month of promises such as I’ll lose weight, I’ll start saving money and I’ll stop smoking becomes a distant past. Losing weight can be difficult and if the person does not have a strong enough reason why the weight should come off and stay off, this will become too big of a task to accomplish. 

Saving money can be hard for one that needs to have the newest gadgets and is easily bored with what they currently have.

Quitting smoking is not an easy task, and if the person has not found an outlet to deal with their stress, the habit can surely come back with a vengeance. 

The months following a person’s New Year’s Resolution falls into an abyss of comfort and living life on auto pilot. 

Not to be a Debby Downer, but many people have buried their dreams in their comfort zones. Meaning, the hard work and change of daily habits is pushed to the side for a person’s predictable behavior. 

Choosing to play before work has the capability of destroying a person’s ambition, imagination, and dreams. 

The influence from social media platforms and big corporations plays a role in the New Year’s Resolution trend. 

Companies target the people that make these limited promises in the hopes that they will sell their products and gym memberships. 

These companies fuel the fears of their consumers with potential regret and guilt. 

Many of the New Year’s Resolutions are formed to shame a certain unwanted quality in a person, and when one rejects part of themselves it tends to backfire. 

To make a transformational shift in one’s life, coming to terms with why you choose to live the way you do is paramount. 

We do not need a New Year’s Resolution to create a healthier and happier life for ourselves. We can access our abilities to grow and flourish anytime of the year.