The Student Store needs a makeover

The Student Store needs a makeover


Maybe it is because the world is still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, but Pierce College’s Student Store needs a makeover– from the merchandising to the amenities. Flip the store and get it Instagram worthy.

At the Student Store, many shelves for merchandise are either empty or poorly stocked. There are ice cream coolers with no ice cream and soda fridges with now carbonated refreshments.
Pierce needs to revamp its student store so that it becomes a destination for the various things students might find in a convenience store.

Some students spend much of their day on campus, so having the features of a mini-mart would benefit them and give them an incentive to attend classes in person. One isle could be stocked with feminine products, cold medicine, tissues and other things one might find at a drugstore. This may generate more money for Pierce. In turn, hiring students to take care of inventory, receiving and stocking shelves is a great way to obtain work skills.

If a student forgets a sweater at home and needs to buy one on the spur-of-the-moment, there are few options as far as Brahma gear. Having a well stocked section of Brahma apparel and accessories displayed in cutting edge, trendy visual ways may help students dress to impress and feel proud to be a Pierce student.

One way to fill the clothing shelves is to have the students design the clothes. Who better to design them than the same demographic that is going to be wearing it? Prizes, or a cut of the profit could be given to the apparel designers, helping to provide work experience to more students.

To keep the merchandise in the store obtainable for the student on a tight budget, there can be discounts for those who have an ID card. Free giveaways and coupons can be given periodically. In turn, this can result in repeat customers.

Finally, elements of fun can be brought to the Student Store. There can be music playing in the speakers to put the shoppers in a pleasant shopping mode similar to how they have soft, Top 40 music playing at shopping malls. The televisions on the wall can have the news playing so that the student in a hurry can hear breaking news from CNN.

With so much space to work with, isles can be condensed so that a small stage can be built in a corner. With a stage, there can be poetry readings, open mics, acoustic sets. These would be the kind of performances that can’t be held in a library and that are not weather permitting. Local authors can do Q&As, book signings and panels at the designated stage area.

Finally, there can be a section for non-school books. Mangas, comic books and graphic novels are popular among young adults. A section for Light reading can also feature self published comic books and zines by our school’s creative writers and artists.

In other words, let’s bring the Student Store into the Tik Tok era.