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Campus Life

Celebrity hype killed ‘Bobby’

When I heard "Bobby" would be based on a legendary Kennedy brother, I was there, but on Thanksgiving Day no one else was! Unfortunately, Director Emilio Estevez interpretation of Robert F. Kennedy's life was slim to none. The title "Bobby," was not appropriate for the movie.

‘D√©j√† Vu’ translates to cheap clich√©

Denzel Washington hits the big screens once again in yet another performance that, although may highlight his aesthetic qualities, certainly proves that his range in character never seem to change. 'Déjà Vu" opened in theatres Nov. 22, just in time to confuse, bore and rip off the holiday crowds.

Lights, cameras, action… revenue!

A raucous Christian rock concert was the latest in Pierce College's property rental for revenue. Although the concert was held under false pretenses, it added to the annual yearly outside revenue income of $300,000. "In general it has been very beneficial to the college to be able to capitalize on our resources in this way.

Mix of ‘Black Holes and Revelations’ worth the $$

If you're into an eclectic mix of drums, guitar, politics and piano then spending nearly twenty bucks on Muse's new album "Black Holes and Revelations," is worth every cent. Their sixth and possibly most bitter album yet is finally completed with lyrics such as "Corrupt, you're corrupt" and "You'll burn in hell," but you'd never notice it by all the appealing and melodic art taking your attention away from the resentful libretto.

Student band aspires to make music

Jamming in the cafeteria is nothing new to this Pierce College band, unforutnetly they are still without a name. "For our name we want something that has kind of a blues feel...something with trains," said Beth Nordeen, 33, who plays rhythm guitar. According to Nordeen, "Trains have kind of a working class feel, and a blues kind of feel," because she feels they are "something that's going somewhere.

Difranco latest work borders on failure

Soothing, relaxing, jazzy and mellow describes Ani Difranco's sound throughout her album "Reprieve." "Hypnotized" the opener does just what it says. The song lingers the listener in and makes them feel at ease. The smooth sound of her guitar allows you to drift into relaxation and takes you into another world.

New play proves to be eye-catching

Because it was opening on a Friday night, Halloween weekend and after a long day of work, I was afraid it would be hard to try to grant the cast and crew of Pierce College's latest theater production, "The Elephant Man" my fullest attention and objectivity.

Life long learners display art

Pieces of art that transcend any age gap were on display at the campus gallery by Encore/Oasis students Saturday. Nude portraits, a tribute to American painter Georgia O'Keeffe and an abstract sculpture made out of material called "gatorboard" were among the many styles featured, each with its own distinct persona and feeling.

Elephant Man set to show face

Common sayings like, "true beauty is on the inside" and "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" are true for the Theater Departments latest production, "The Elephant Man," set to premiere this Friday. The play, based on a true story, will premier at 8 p.m.

Modern portrayal of queen loses audience

Most history books portray French monarch Marie Antoinette in a negitive light, emphasing her most famous words, "Let them eat cake," to her starving subjects. Academy Award-winning screenwriter and Oscar nominated director Sofia Coppola, however, takes Antoinette's struggles and delves deep into the very core of who Coppola refers to as "France's most misunderstood monarch.

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