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Campus Life

Modern portrayal of queen loses audience

Most history books portray French monarch Marie Antoinette in a negitive light, emphasing her most famous words, "Let them eat cake," to her starving subjects. Academy Award-winning screenwriter and Oscar nominated director Sofia Coppola, however, takes Antoinette's struggles and delves deep into the very core of who Coppola refers to as "France's most misunderstood monarch.

Concert inspired by angels inspires

As the silence filled the auditorium, the vivid musical notes of the "City of Angels" gradually rose under the direction of Pierce Music Professor, Director Stephen P. Piazza. The Los Angeles Symphonic Winds hosted this event at the beginning of this month at the Performance Arts Building.

Band at Pierce

Jamming in the cafeteria is nothing new to this Pierce College band without a name. "For our name we want something that has kind of a blues feel...something with trains. Trains have kind of a working class feel, and a blues kind of feel, but it's also something that's going somewhere," says Beth Nordeen, 33, who plays rhythm guitar.

Reviews of the Harvest Festival

Everyone knows what it's like to have a home-cooked meal. We all experience the thoughts of a good home -cooked meal that makes your mouth water. The type that is irresistible. But how about a homemade meal brought by someone other than our mother? How about a good home-cooked meal from Bakersfield? That's what any food customer can experience at the Harvest Festival when they go to eat at "Mammas Marinez.

‘Jackass Number Two’ more asses for the masses

Johnny Knoxville does it again with the R-rated newest installment of the Jackass empire, "Jackass Number Two." Here is a little history lesson for those unfamiliar with Knoxville and his crew: "Jackass" was an MTV show that was the go anywhere, do anything series.

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BRIEF: California community college sports competitions to return

The California Community College Athletic Association in a statement affirmed their plans to have competition starting next school year. With vaccination eligibility open for everyone...

Senate reassess school code of ethics

Enrollment, engagement and ethics were the main topics at the April 26 Academic Senate meeting via Zoom.  Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs Donna-Mae Villanueva...

Getting in shape safely and distanced on campus

With vaccination rates rising in Los Angeles County, more activities have restarted, including in-person athletic conditioning for student athletes at Pierce College. Conditioning, which began...

Little Free libraries

 Much like a Little Free Library, a college campus is what the surrounding community contributes to it. Pierce College is an ideal place to have...

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