Life long learners display art

Pieces of art that transcend any age gap were on display at the campus gallery by Encore/Oasis students Saturday. Nude portraits, a tribute to American painter Georgia O’Keeffe and an abstract sculpture made out of material called “gatorboard” were among the many styles featured, each with its own distinct persona and feeling.

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Band at Pierce

Jamming in the cafeteria is nothing new to this Pierce College band without a name. “For our name we want something that has kind of a blues feel…something with trains. Trains have kind of a working class feel, and a blues kind of feel, but it’s also something that’s going somewhere,” says Beth Nordeen, 33, who plays rhythm guitar.

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Reviews of the Harvest Festival

Everyone knows what it’s like to have a home-cooked meal. We all experience the thoughts of a good home -cooked meal that makes your mouth water. The type that is irresistible. But how about a homemade meal brought by someone other than our mother? How about a good home-cooked meal from Bakersfield? That’s what any food customer can experience at the Harvest Festival when they go to eat at “Mammas Marinez.

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