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What are you looking forward to this summer?

https://youtu.be/9a81WlFcpD4 Reporter Susan Lopez asks students “What are you looking forward to this summer?”

Goat yoga

https://youtu.be/Z8s33yFAyaU Reporter Jesse Bertel reports on goat yoga at Rocky Young Park.

Behind the Scenes of ‘In the Heights’

https://youtu.be/EUSIBIb-W_U Roundup staff photographer Katya Castillo takes us behind the scenes of Los Angeles Pierce College’s Theatre Department production of "In the Heights."

Pierce College Spring 2019 Job Fair

https://youtu.be/o1McxgeQEpQ Samantha Neff reports on the Spring 2019 Job Fair for the Roundup News

Pierce College passing period

https://youtu.be/SSvYpZMSe1w Journalism 101 student Anthony Sanchez reports on passing period at Pierce College.

Backwards baseball

https://youtu.be/c9XRCOsu0dg Reporter Blake Williams reports on a game of backwards baseball for Halloween.

Pierce College PA System

https://youtu.be/4Y09Ef-c7-Y Reporter Chelsea Spero reports on a PA system for Pierce College.

What’s one thing you would change about Pierce College?

https://youtu.be/6UrJE1TkKvM Reporter Camille Lehmann asks students "What's one thing you would change about Pierce College?"

Street Beat: Should student athletes finish their college education before going pro?

https://youtu.be/xQnl8fM3IEw Reporter Karan Kapoor asks students "Should student athletes finish their college education before going pro?"

Street Beat: What is your biggest fear?

http://https://youtu.be/m4S-LGBA4Y8 Reporter Cameron Kern asks students "What is their biggest fear?"

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BRIEF: Former Brahma drafted to the Minnesota Twins

  Most baseball players dream of playing professionally. For former Brahma pitcher Johnathan Lavallee, he will get that opportunity. Lavallee was selected in the 16th round...

BRIEF: Kaiser Permanente to offer vaccine incentive for students

The Foundation for Los Angeles Community Colleges and Kaiser Permanente have announced a partnership to offer students from the Los Angeles Community College District...

BRIEF: Pierce vaccination site closes

Months after becoming the largest testing and vaccination site in the San Fernando Valley, Pierce College shut down operations on Saturday, June 19. According to...

BRIEF: Pierce Student Health Center reopens

After a year and a half, the Pierce College Student Health Center reopened Monday for in-person services, including mental health and family planning. SHC assistant...

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