Fees on the rise

Do not be alarmed by a possible enrollment-fee increase of at least $6 per unit sometime next year for California community colleges.

As of press time, there is no official news release about the fees returning $26 per unit-a price last paid in the summer of 2007-but there has been a speculation it will rise to $30 as soon as July 1 of next year.

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Every weekday morning, the Pierce College library is the last in the district to open its doors. Six of the nine college libraries even operate on Saturday. Can’t Pierce open the library an hour earlier? Students are waiting for earlier opening. The main reason for not being able to extend hours is a lack of additional funding and less staff, according to Florence Robin, library department chair.

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It’s not easy being ‘green’

For Pierce College to merit the label “green,” it should require every aspect of this school to be eco-conscious – this, we have not yet fully achieved. The Clinton Climate Initiative honored the Los Angeles Community College District’s Green Building Program, which is the highest environmental accolade in the state, but how much of the school’s efforts are going to waste? Every environmentally-efficient act the school and district takes seems to be countered by an almost equally harmful one.

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