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Learning together

With most students attending college through Zoom, Pierce College should come up with a strategy to help students move through their college experience online easier.  Counselors can create groups for students with similar interests, majors...

Pierce college should host on campus events

Pierce College has become like a ghost town since last March. New Pierce students are attending classes without experiencing the campus.  Businesses have expanded curbside pick up since the pandemic began and closed their dining...

Film club discusses Anomalisa

Traveling to Cincinnati to promote his new book at a convention in a hotel, customer service expert Michael Stone struggles to find his sanity while seeing everyone around him sound and look like his...

Town hall announces timeline for the next Pierce College president

While the question of who will be the next Pierce College president is still up in the air, a general timeline of the selection process was addressed Tuesday morning by Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez. The meeting,...

Get ahead during the summer

While the majority of college students take a break from Spring semester, taking summer classes would help students graduate quicker while having the benefit of taking them online. According to the article published by Seattle...

Parking lot flicks

With the resurgence of popularity for drive-in movie theaters in 2020, it’s hard not to feel a sense of deja vu.  The affinity people have towards these 1920 novelties would make it easy for Pierce...

Going green by growing food

Green thumbs don’t have to be for plants; they can be for communities too. During the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people have been struggling financially due to layoffs and less hours at work. In some...

Live and back in action

After standing empty for an entire year, the Pierce College Performing Arts Building was filled with prop graffiti walls, hanging lights and the laughter and smiles of the theater department. The department held their first...

Lending a virtual hand

A new crisis emerged amid a surge of deaths, economic devastation and social disconnect caused by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Pierce College should seriously consider creating virtual support groups for students, faculty and staff to...

Jointing cannabis and classrooms

Community colleges are missing out on the opportunity to offer cannabis specialized classes in their curriculum. With the legalization of production, distribution, sale and consumption of marijuana in the state of California, the cannabis business...