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In solidarity with the AAPI community

Much like last year with the murder of George Floyd in broad daylight, now we find ourselves in a moment of racial reckoning as we continue to witness daily violent attacks against members of...

Don’t mandate the COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines became available  for medical professionals and elderly citizens early December and eligibility now has expanded for everyone 16 and older.  Many who have had enough of staying home and worrying for their loved...

Sunset Boulevard

Young struggling screenwriter Joe Gillis attempts to hide from the repossession men seeking his car when he drives into a desolate mansion in Sunset Boulevard belonging to silent movie star Norma Desmond. On May 10,...

Virtual Health Center

College students, more vulnerable to mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, are also facing a global pandemic increasing their likeliness to develop these illnesses.  To ease the burdens of some, Pierce College held a virtual...

Peer-to-Peer mentor program

It’s been nearly one year since Pierce College has held on campus classes and activities, yet the Peer-To-Peer mentor program still is working to make the transition as smooth as possible for first year...

Umoja holds Black history month events

Pierce College campus remains closed due to the pandemic, but students and teachers still have the opportunity to participate and educate themselves about Black History Month events that have recently occurred on campus.  Umoja counselor...

Con: Outdoor Dining

After one year of trying to be safe and obeying stay-at-home orders, COVID-19 cases are still spiking. Outdoor dining provides options for customers to enjoy their food while keeping their distance with each other maskless. But...

Pro: Outdoor Dining

It’s been more than one year since COVID-19 shut down the country and nearly the entire world.  The pandemic has been stressful, exhausting and rough on people’s mental health,  but things started to look like...

Athlete of the week: COVID-19 edition

While many sporting events have been put on pause due to COVID-19 precautions, AJ Werner has proven his resolve of as a  true athlete by not letting the external forces inhibit his dedication to...

Reflecting on quarantine

Running back to the car because you left your polka-patterned face mask on your sun-tanned dashboard has become the new norm, in addition to leaving behind your wallet or keys. For the past year, many...