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Sociology teachers tackles terror ideology


A differnent take on US and Terrorism The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates but the great teacher inspires. And according to many of his students Professor Chuck O'Connell is the type to inspire. This is the fifth semester O'Connell, sociology professor at Pierce college, is teaching his US and Terrorism class.

$95,000 grant for Pierce

It is a trying time right now for America's hospitals and in the eyes of many, they are falling apart. According to a CBS news report in January of 2003, American hospitals are in a serious crisis due to the severe and dangerous shortage of nurses, a shortage that can best be summed up by the fact that there are now over 120,000 open positions for registered nurses nationwide.

College: the best 7 years of my life


I came across a quote emblazoned on the front of a T-shirt recently that read: "College. The best 7 years of my life." To add insult to injury was the drawing of an overly gleeful middle-aged man accompanying the impertinent line. But if you're like me, this quote, however relatable and sometimes embarrassing, is completely true.

Alumnus returns safely


After an attack from the Israeli army, Alexia Underwood returns from a six week program in Lebenon's American University.

ASO re-establishes student court


Starting this semester, the Associate Student's Organization (ASO) will be re-establishing its judicial branch, the student court. The student court has not been in session for more than 4 years. "The court would be there to decide how to moderate student issues and grievances," said ASO president Abraham White.

Horse owners given 90-day eviction notice

With the Pierce College Equestrian Center set to undergo further construction this winter, the privately owned horses housed there are being evicted. Pierce officials have decided to terminate the boarding agreement that they made with the owners of the horses more than four years ago, and the horses must now be moved by...

Gay club brings insight


One of the recent additions to the Pierce College student clubs is the Gay-Straight Alliance club, also referred to as the "Rainbow Army." The club meets every Thursday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in room Math 1412, and food and drinks are provided. "Do you: Think stereotypes are wrong? Hate discrimination? Want to be in a comfortable environment? Want to meet new people? Think it's time for a change? Want to make a difference? Come check us out!" reads the club flyer.

I don’t care what you did last night


"I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world," sang Richard McMillan, history professor, remembering an incident when a student's cell phone started ringing in the middle of the class. "I always try to make a laugh out of it," said McMillan. "The moment passes and then we can go on.

Concert inspired by angels inspires


As the silence filled the auditorium, the vivid musical notes of the "City of Angels" gradually rose under the direction of Pierce Music Professor, Director Stephen P. Piazza. The Los Angeles Symphonic Winds hosted this event at the beginning of this month at the Performance Arts Building.

On the win again


The soccer team starts a new winning streak with a 4-0 win at College of the Canyons Friday. The Brahmas are now 11-3-2 and in first place in the standings. Pierce's only loss last season was to the Cougars. Many of the players were nervous because of the personal rivary that has been formed in the last two seasons.