Cub Scouts Explore the Media Arts Department

Sydney Grossman/ Roundup

It’s not very often that 6 and 7-year-old boys could be found running a newsroom.

However earning a Cub Scouts Tiger Badge allowed these boys a tour of Pierce College’s station and the Roundup newsroom Tuesday night.

Tyler McGee, the station director, provided the first part to their exclusive tour into the radio station where he showed both studios, the means of broadcasting and allowed extra playtime on the computers.

“You saw their face light up seeing the equipment and the software we use on a daily basis,” said McGee. “It was exciting.”

Next in store, was a tour of the newsroom lead by the Editor-in-Chief Kat Mabry and some of her staff.  The first graders were taught the process of writing, editing and publishing.

The Cubs also had the opportunity to take photographs and create their own honorary press badges.

“It instilled a sense of pride in me because I didn’t expect them to be so excited,” said Mabry. “It made me appreciate what we do here.”

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