Pierce College faculty hayride

Coburn Palmer/Roundup


Instructor Richard Follett and Dennis Washburn the Executive Director of the Foundation for Pierce College took Pierce’s newest faculty on a hayride organized by Kathy Oborn on Friday.

“This is the traditional means of exploring campus,” Washburn said as a tractor towing a trailer pulled up to the Students Center.

Two tour guides took 10 faculty members on a winding hour and a half drive through Pierce College’s 426 acres.

Passing the Braille Trail, and the Pierce College weather station the hayride headed up the hill towards the performing arts complex.

As the hayride passed Shepard Stadium Follett observed that Ronald Regan had a given a speech there in 1984 during his campaign against Walter Mondale.

The new faculty were given a view of Pine Tree Hill, a favorite spot for runners and Sheep Hill before moving on to the Duck Pond and the Red Wood Forest.

Chalk Hill was pointed out as the highest point in the San Fernando Valley before the hayride moved onto the Pierce Farm store located in the northwest corner of the Pierce College property.

“We’re hoping to open the store March 1st,” said Washburn.

The hayride continued through the Pierce Farm before passing the soccer field.

“At nighttime they’ll go till 11 o’clock,” said Washburn.