Good Idea, Bad Idea

Kevin Reynolds / Roundup

This will be the first of what will be a continual column through out the semester. In this column I will be discussing new things on campus and whether in my opinion they are good ideas or bad ideas.

Since this is the first installment I would like a chance to comment of a couple of things that are not exactly new.

To begin I would like to draw your attention to parking lot 7 in which at some point they installed parking that is designated for car pool parking. I am not against car pooling infact anyway that we can make it so that there are less cars in my way on the road I a okay with.

My problem lies in how do you possibly enforce something like that? Unless they post sheriffs at the designated spots around the clock which is totally impractical.

Not to mention that parking on campus is bad enough with way more students attending classes than parking available. So why take more spots away for something that can’t really be monitored and that not everyone has the option of.

I don’t have anyone who goes to classes at the same time as I do. So I couldn’t car pool even if I wanted to. I’m sure there are plenty of other students on campus who have the same issue.

Now I would like to mention the construction. I know what many are thinking not another person complaining.

But my complaints are different I like what they are doing. The new Mall area and the Student Services Building are beautiful.

No, my complaint is the sporadic nature of what is being blocked off. I don’t know how to get to my classes from one day to the next. I’m sure that there is a plan in what seems random to me but I wish they would issue some sort of alert each time they blocked off a new area.

As the semester moves forward there will be many things happening on campus. I will do my best to keep current and informed on the topics I write about.


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