Education Cuts: When is it enough?

On December 13 2011 Governor Jerry Brown announced his mid-year cuts which will take effect this month.


As expected community colleges will face a $102 million cut and per unit fees will increase to $46.


It is not all bad news as only $30 million of the cut will be a onetime affair. The other $72 million will be permanent.


The cut will be evenly divided among each district according to Scott Lay President and Chief Executive Officer of the Community College League of California.


That means that, we the students are left with a “permanent” reduction in courses available.


It also means that each class we take will now have a greater value to it; after all it will now cost $46 per unit, at least for the students who pay for their education.


Although, California leads the nation in low fees, Lay feels that the fee increase will make it difficult for students to continue their studies.


Agreeing with Lay is easy because most of us are students and as it is classes and books are not cheap.


This affects all of us because, as we know, there are a limited number of classes available.


We all know that California is trying to save money, but how will cutting more from education solve this problem?


Have they not taken enough?


If these cuts continue it will make it increasingly difficult for students to continue their education. This only adds to the students burdens. They have to worry about their place in class, books, new regulations being implemented during the summer, school work, and for those who manage to have one, their job.