Lights fixed on way to Art Hill

The street lights by the staircase leading to the Art Hill were not working for an unknown period of time, until they were repaired Friday when the Roundup approached Director of Facilities Paul Nieman.



Nieman was unaware of the situation, but made sure that the lights be fixed immediately after the Roundup contacted him Thursday. But the electricians did not finish the job until Friday, he said.



He does not know how long the lights were not working, because he was uninformed of their state.



“The mechanic equipment failed,” said Nieman.



Even though it took a short time to fix. Students were were concerned about walking in the dark.



“It’s kind of dangerous,” said Carlos Cantos, 22-year-old nursing major.



A student can never know what is in the dark, and can not see what is coming, he said.



“It could make students uncomfortable,” said 24-year-old Pierce student Taishel Stannard.



Stannard does not have classes at night, because she doesn’t feel safe on campus in the dark.


In the daylight she feels more protected, because she can see her surroundings more clearly than she can at night, when anything can take her by surprise.



Yajayra Gil


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