Art Gallery Gets a Face-lift

With over four weeks gone in the fall semester at Pierce College, the Art Gallery is empty due to annual maintenance, including repainting and reorganizing.

The several changes being made have to do with the way art will be displayed.

Scattered across the floor of the gallery are miniature models of the room. In each model, the partitions– movable walls where artwork is displayed– are being rearranged.

With the light remodeling and new paint job, this maintenance might attract students to make a detour towards the Art Gallery.

It also doesn’t hurt that each show is free to the public.

Monika Del Bosque, an assistant professor of art, is the curator of the gallery.

Together with Greg E. Gilbertson, the Art and Architecture Department chair, they coordinate the gallery.

“In terms of construction, not much is going to happen this year,” Gilbertson said. “Any plans for renovation are far from being drawn up.”

It may take several years before anything gets done, he anticipates.

In the months to come, the stripped down gallery will be filled with aesthetic works ranging from sculptures, miniature constructions, and various styles of paintings and photographs.

Focusing on themes of diversity in the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area, the gallery has been home to a wide range of artwork.

“The one common theme that runs through every genre of work is identity,” said Del Bosque.

Internationally admired artists and amateurs alike have their work hung upon its walls.

In the past, there have been five to six events hosted per year.

Projects include Fall 2011’s “Domestic Vandal”, created by Brian and Christy Chambers.

The pair made pieces of knitted art, executing the famous college campus “Yarn Bomb”, an event in which the large Brahma statue on the Mall was covered in colorful crochets.