PHOTO SLIDESHOW: Suspect apprehended after school evacuated

On Friday May 30, the Library/Learning Crossroads was evacuated and the campus locked down as the Los Angeles Police Department arrived after a librarian saw a man with a potential gun.

All classes have been cancelled and students are being advised to leave the area.

“Kathleen [Burke] has ordered the campus shut down for the remainder of the day,” Dean of Student Services David Follosco said.

In an email from the college, the evacuation is required due to a precaution and more details will come. Remain calm. Follow instructions of emergency and other college personnel. If you’re off campus, do not approach campus until further notice.

Any campus activities that were scheduled for that day was postponed until further notice.


Photos provided by: Diego Barajas, Marc Dione, Caleb Johnson, Stephen Castaneda.