Pierce College journalism professor involved in multiple roles on campus

Jump starting his morning’s at 7:45 a.m. he wakes up prepared to go to work while knowing what could be an 8 to 15 hour shift that consists, one of his many jobs.

Jeff Favre, 46, is not only an assistant professor of broadcasting and multimedia at Pierce College, he is also the adviser to the school’s newspaper, magazine, and radio station. He’s involved in the Pierce College Academic Senate, and the College Outcomes Committee as a senator of the Media Arts Department.

Professor Favre has taught for the past 7 years at schools like El Camino High School, Canoga Park High School, Glendale Community College and at Pierce. He attended Indiana University for his undergraduate and where he received a degree in Journalism while obtaining a certificate of achievement in cinema while continuing onto the Northwestern University where he completed his degree.

After graduate school, he went on to writing for the Chicago Tribune, at the age of 20 were he worked on writing features for around 5 years. Favre has also worked with the Ventura County Star, where he wrote on entertainment and arts columns for, 13 years and continued onto writing profile articles for The Lutheran, for the last 20 years. His radio work includes three pieces he worked on for the National Public Radio station, called “The Sunday Papers”, which took place in the early 2000s.

While Favre has also co-wrote and co-directed the musical called “Next Big Thing”, that took stage in 2008 at The art/works Theatre in Santa Monica, Calif. Favre shared his struggle through the process of having to co-direct a musical while teaching at the same time at Pierce College.

“Some nights I work and then I go right to the theater and I go home and work till about 2 in the morning and then get back up,” Favre said.

For the past year Favre has been a full-time professor teaching courses in journalism, broadcasting, magazine writing, and cinema at Pierce College. What inspired professor Favre was the opportunity to help students who were trying to pursue career in the Media Arts department and remember how he once felt being unsure.

“Because I’ve done all of these things I’ve worked at a magazine, I’ve worked at newspapers, I’ve worked on radio it allows me to know what it’s like when you’re getting started,” Favre said.

Tracy Wright, a student at Pierce College and previous Editor-in-Chief for the Roundup Newspaper shared how difficult it was at times as E.I.C. but was able to complete the semester with professor Favre’s support. Although this was not Wright’s first semester taking one of Favre’s courses she felt he had a dynamic personality and was actually interested in his students.

“He gave me the confidence I needed while being E.I.C.,” said Wright “Jeff believed in me.”

Favre enjoys being able to relate to his students and motivate them to continue as he too remembers a time in his life where he was unsure of what he wanted to do in his career.

Nick McNamara, previous program director for the radio station and current student at Pierce College described Favre as a professor who is dedicated to his students. Favre is a sincerely, interested professor who will help each of his student as long as they show up to class.

“Whatever you need, if you meet Jeff halfway he will work with you until the end of the earth, to help you get whatever it is done,” said McNamara.

In the next five years, Favre’s plans on helping the Media Arts department become one of the best in the entire state of California while continuing on helping students in transferring and becoming professionals.

Finding time in writing film reviews on the side Favre finds time to be a husband and a father to his family as his full-time hobby consists of his two year old little girl named Violet.

“My child is my full-time hobby,” said Favre.