Pro: Printed schedules

Printing class schedules seems to have changed over the years by becoming seemingly paperless or just spending $5 on a printed catalog.

Since we live in a digital age, we see that the school has put up the schedule online via the school website, which can be viewed on computers, smartphones and tablets, which makes it easy to access wherever you are.

Printing schedules is a costly thing since many have to be printed for all the students to view the catalog, resulting in high ink and paper costs.

Since the schedules occasionally change during the school semester, it would be both inconvenient and costly to print out additional updated schedules.

This problem is not very prevalent with online schedules since they can be easily updated and reposted.

The paperless catalog may inconvenience the people without a smart device or access to the internet, but there are simple solutions that can help with the viewing of the catalog.

For example, students can access the computers at their school or neighborhood library in order to view the schedule if they lack a personal device with internet access.

Typically, schedules appear faster online due to how quickly the pages can be updated. Meanwhile, a paper catalogue takes time just to print, so it ends up being more of a hassle compared to its online counterpart.

With printed schedules, you also have to understand that some people may throw the catalog away when they are finished using them, causing trash pileups that hassle the custodial workers.

Less waste from printing means we are saving trees in the process.

Also, if no catalogs are printed, then there will be no lines or hassles to get the printed version of the catalog.

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