Pro: Researching professors before enrolling

Students should research their professors before they add classes because it helps the student choose the best course and professor with ease.

Adding classes can be stressful enough so RateMyProfessor makes it easier for students to check how the professor teaches, and can help you prepare yourself for the class. Getting advice and information from experienced college students can help you make better choices when adding classes.

Textbooks are expensive so before you purchase your $100 book, look up your professor. Some students say you won’t even use the book all semester. Knowing this can work in your and your wallet’s favor.

If you’re stuck between choosing two different professors teaching the same course, it would be nice to know how the professor teaches so that way it can be easier for students to choose what professor is right for them.

Reading reviews doesn’t take up a lot of your time so If you have more professors to look up, you should research them before adding their class. Knowing what kind of professor you are going to take can help you get comfortable and confident with your decision.

You can also find out how your professor teaches the course material. Knowing if there is a lot of homework or quizzes, as well as how students rate the tests, can help you decide if that class is right for you.

Taking notes might not be your favorite thing about going to lecture, you can find out if the professor gives a long lecture and if you’re forced to write every single thing down, or if you can take a few notes on what the professor says is important to know.

Attendance might be crucially important to some professors. If you’re absent more than three times they might drop you from the class, or they might not take attendance at all.

Every student should know this because if the student knows not to be absent or late then they can decide if they are able to be on time weather that’s a morning class or afternoon class.

You might be asking how can I trust someone else’s opinion online? You’re reading students reviews based on their experience, and you’re not putting anything on the line.

The more reviews a professor has, there’s a greater chance of understanding what they’re like.   If other students agree with that review, they can thumbs it up so you’re not just getting one students advice.

I think everyone should research their professor before they add them because you don’t want to add a really strict or boring professor and it might be too late to crash another class.