Brahma of the week – Calvin Howard – Football

(Photo by: Luis Ayala)
(Photo by: Luis Ayala)

Calvin Howard had 147 yards from 13 rushes. Out of those attempts he had one touchdown against LA Southwest College on Saturday, Oct. 17.

How does it feel to be named player of the week?
“It’s surprising and feels good but, hopefully I can be player of the week again.”

How do you get yourself prepared for the game?
“I listen to a couple of tracks or mixtapes and I just sit by myself and pre-game doing good stuff.”

What are some of your strengths as a football player?
“During the game I am just feeling more into the game. The more carries I get during the drives, the more stronger I get.”

What keeps you motivated to play the game?
“By just thinking about why am I out here, what’s my reason for playing football and giving back.”

What are your expectations for your team for the rest of the season?
“Just by doing my part and contribute to the team in someway and hopefully no mistakes.”