Soccer close to being number one

With a quick start, the Brahmas made the first goal in the 10th minute of the game by Abigail Chavez with an assist by Leslie Gonzalez.


“As a soccer player and[a]forward we all try to help each other out,” said Gonzalez. “Our goal in every game is to score, that’s what encouraged me to get an assist.”


After the first goal from Chavez, both teams kept its fast pace and aggressive attitude.


There were shots from both sides of the teams throughout the entire game. The Pierce goalie, Cindy Godina, did not let any shots pass her.


At halftime, the Brahmas were leading the Vaqueros 1-0.


Although the first half was slow, but as the second half came along the energy immediately picked up as the second goal was scored by Sara Hernandez in the 75th minute.


“I have been wanting to score and I saw an open goal and I just went for it”, says Hernandez.


The game gradually became more aggressive as time dwindled down.


It is always the same thing when playing Santa Barbara, very physical,” said head coach Adolfo Perez. “They are very big and strong.”


Throughout the game, two Brahmas were injured. Godina had a minor injury due to a kick on the neck but refused to leave the game and kept playing. The other injured player was Makayla Nichols, who had difficulty breathing and had to be escorted off the field.


A couple more plays from Santa Barbara were made but did not deliver any helpful results. The game ended 2-0 with Brahmas taking the win.


“This was the most aggressive game of the season,” said Gonzalez. “We stood up for each other [and] this shows how much we care about each other and just keep doing what we do.”

“We’re in connection with Moorpark, we’re two points behind them. We have to win our[last two]games and they either have to tie or lose,” said Perez.  


Now the Brahmas are 10-1-6 and have to win the last two games against Ventura and Cuesta College to be ranked number one in the Western State Conference.


The Brahmas will be on the road as they go against Ventura College on Tuesday, Nov. 20 at 6 p.m