Pro: Living on campus

Living on campus helps new students ease their way into adulthood while enjoying everything university life has to offer. The abundant support, access to amenities, and the academic focus on-campus living provides is tough to beat when weighing alternative off-campus options.There is an amazing support system in place on college campuses designed specifically to help students. There is academic support which includes having the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from each other no matter how informally, and this sets a foundation for the collegiate experience.

Some students want to move out of the house but are not quite sure that they are ready to have their own apartment. Living on campus can provide an in-between step,  allowing students to live independently without having to worry about paying rent, handling utilities, and everything else that’s associated with renting an apartment. 

Although I would enjoy weekend trips home so my mom can do my laundry and I can enjoy her hot homemade meals, not everyone has that privilege. What on campus living does give us is knowledge; we learn to take the red shirt out of the pile of whites so that we  don’t get pink socks, we learn not to put aluminum in the microwave, or to walk away from top ramen while it’s on the stove.

We gain more respect for people and their property and we become more aware of fiscal habits.  
Living on  campus is also very convenient. It puts you within arm’s reach of numerous fellow undergrads. Yes, living in indoor rooms is a fabulous way to meet new people and cement friendships. There’s almost always someone to hang out with, grab lunch with, or attend social activities with and the relationships you establish will form your college experience as much as your time spent in the classroom or hitting the books.

Dorm life translates into easy living. Living on campus guarantees that all sorts of facilities and amenities will be readily accessible, from the gym and dining hall to your classrooms and  the library. Beyond the quick commute living on campus means you’ll probably have a meal plan which means you won’t have to worry about buying groceries or setting aside the time to cook,everything will be done for you.