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Editor’s note: A letter from LACCD to employees on Nov. 10.

November 10, 2016

Dear LACCD Colleagues:

Following Tuesday’s national election, many students have expressed distress and anxiety regarding the policies supporting their education.  These concerns are completely understandable.  Many of the details of the nation’s leadership transition are unknown, despite the rampant media speculation.  During this time of reflection and transition in leadership at our nation’s capital, it is especially important for us to reaffirm and uphold our values as a public institution of higher learning.  The values include justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.  At LACCD, we are committed to ensure that all students have full access to our colleges, as well as the support needed to succeed in their studies.  

The Los Angeles Community College District is the “People’s Collegestudents from every walk of life, every zip code, language and capability are here.  And you are all welcomed at LACCD, without exception and without apology.  Our nine colleges and educational centers will remain as beacons of democracy and as safe havens for every student.  

LACCD is also deeply committed to protecting the rights of our undocumented students that attend our colleges and receive state aid under the provisions of AB 540, enacted in 2001, and the California Dream Act, signed into law in 2011.  These laws allow undocumented students to be exempt from non-resident tuition, and receive private scholarships and state financial aid, including community college fee waivers (BOGW), and Cal Grants.  

On behalf of the LACCD Board of Trustees and our leadership team at the nine colleges and at the Educational Services Center, thank you for your role in ensuring the success of our students at LACCD.


Chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez, Los Angeles Community College District

President Kathleen Burke, Los Angeles Pierce College

President Erika Endrijonas, Los Angeles Valley College

President Larry Frank, Los Angeles Trade Technical College

President Otto Lee, Los Angeles Harbor College

President Jim Limbaugh, West Los Angeles College

President Marvin Martinez, East Los Angeles College

President Renee Martinez, Los Angeles City College

President Denise Noldon, Los Angeles Southwest College

President Monte Perez, Los Angeles Mission College

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